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Hometown: Athens, Georgia Current Label: Warbird Entertainment Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: David Brown
Nick Fit
Jay Kill 'Em

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Karbomb is a 4 piece punk rock band from Athens Ga. Starting in 2005 as a straight forward fast, sloppy, joke band, the sound has evolved over the years to more of a technical and melodic beast. KarbombIf you take the speed and technicality of bands like Nofx and Lagwagon, stir in the powerful melodies of Face to Face, and top it off with the vocal hostility of acts like Hot Water Music or American steel, you get KarbomB; a delightful irish beverage or a kamakaze killer, you be the judge. With lead vocals coming from the drummer, and a balls-out stage show, KarbomB seperates themselves from the average punk rock band. They've played many shows in and around the state of GA with such names as Alkaline Trio, Guttermouth, Down By Law, the Spears, Worn in Red, the Bastard Suns, and many more....Karbomb is made up of 4 hard working individuals with no plans to quit or slow down.


  1. BCarter879/29/2010 4:01 PM | Permalink

    If Karbomb ever decides to “quit or slow down” I will personally slap all of them in the face with my garden hose and make them rethink their plans.

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