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Kill Corporations

Kill Corporations
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Current Label: Felony Records Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Adrian Saylor - Lead vocals
Ricky Sherman - Lead guitar/backup vocals
Milton Ramirez - Rhythm guitar/backup vocals
Erik Campos - Drums/backup vocals
Jeff Clarke - Bass

Kill Corporations Bio:

Kill Corporations is a punk/metal band formed in 2013 in Los Angeles consisting of members from both present and previous bands such as Death by Stereo, Young Once,Malpractice,Innercity Rattlesnake and GPC Grandpas Porno Collection. Together with all our similar influences of music and thirst for the love of music and playing live we have found something fun and exciting that we can all put our musical talents to use and we cant wait to start playing and arouse the masses ears with the in your face and versatile music we are producing. We are currently working on making a full length album in the coming year and will be performing in your town hopefully by March 2014. Our sound is very explosive and energetic consisting an amazing range of vocal melodies,harmonies and yes some outburst that is sure to get your blood boiling and that is possible by our very own Adrian Saylor being complimented with the brutal and melodic sounds that Ricky Sherman and Milton Ramirez produce with their Axes. Its just the beginning because we have Jeff Clarke our creative and truly talented bassist that makes sounds and sick bass licks with his very hands keeping the essence of a true bass guitar player topped with some dynamic and head bobbing,thunderous drums by Erik Campos which makes for a unique plethora of wholesome punk rock and metal goodness you will want to feast your eyes and ears on.

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