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Killer Hearts

Killer Hearts
Band Members: J Law Main Vox
Brandon Problem Child- Guitars / Vox
Gil T. Heart - Bass / Vox
HardCor-E Parker - Drums
Eric Phlouffe- Rhythm Guitarist
Halston Luna-Rhythm Guitarist

Killer Hearts Bio:

Release Date
November 2014
High Energy Punk Rock and Roll.
Heavily influence while under the influence, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Imperial State Electric, Randy Rhoades, Roy Erickson & 13th Floor Elevators, Billy Gibbons, Faces, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Frank Zappa, Radio Birdman, TRex, Giuda, Taxi, Baby Woodrose, Roxy Music, Dead Boys, Electric Frankenstein, Candy Snatchers, Toilet Boys etc.

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