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Hometown: London, England Current Label: GSR Music Websites: Official Website
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KNUCKLEDUST born in east London summer of '96, when Ray Nick and Wema contacted Pierre from north west London to join on vocals. The reason, to support London hardcore.

Writing their first song 'persevere' and covering the east London boys original 3piece band Mental Torment to record the London hardcore demo.
Recorded at St. Marks community centre in the Beckton housing district in East London, on a second hand 4track by themselves, while starting to establish themselves as a brutal in your face live band.

It all started in 1993 when Nicky, Wema and Ray decided to form a band called 'Mental Torment'. After a couple of gigs (literally) we decided that we needed a singer as Nicky wasn't too hot on the vocals!! Along came our friend xDanny da Pimpx and Uphold was born! We played a few shows including a festival as main support to the 'Asian Dub Foundation' (wow! I hear you cry!!!) and put out a demo. Danny decided singing wasn't for him and we agreed! haha! We searched high and low for a vocalist and tried many people out (ever seen the commitments???) and decided to go back to a 3 piece for a while until one day whilst out shopping we saw an advert for 'a hardcore vocalist that seeks band'!!! Pierre came! We got drunk, laughed, stole some of his CD's. he stole ours in return and Knuckledust was born. We wrote our first song 'Persevere' and recorded a 6 song mini CD with a couple of new tracks and a couple of 'Uphold' songs that Pierre sang. Days of Fury Records put there money and faith in us to release 'London Hardcore'. After putting out what now seems like a million different little things like songs on compilations, splits, 2 x 7" records, mostly with Household Name records we decided to put out our first album! Blackfish Records released our album 'Time Won't Heal This' which I am told sold quite well after some solid touring and a license agreement with Thorp Records in the US. We then put out a split CD on the same label with our buddies in Unite followed by a split with Stampin Ground! Our second full length Universal Struggle came out November 2003 for GSR Music and contains 13 tracks of brutal London influenced Hardcore recorded at Antfarm studios in Denmark by Tue Madsen. Our third full length came out late 2005 seeing their strengthening relationship with GSR Music and Antfarm Studios continue and producing this fine example of the brutal London HARDcore reality that is Unbreakable! This is Knuckledust today! As well as doing Knuckledust, the guys have helped form the London HC bands Ninebar, BDF, Deadline, Maldito and Bun Dem Out as well as co-founding Rucktion Records( to give back to their local scene. Sir Baxter has just released Ninebar's debut full length 'Raising the bar' on Rucktion Records and Pelbu and Bun Dem Out are preparing to enter the studio for their first Rucktion release. Today, Knuckledust remain the same line up as when we started 10 years ago and Danny is still a friend of the band but has a side parting and given up pimping! 2007 will see the release of our third full length release with our brothers at GSR Music entitled 'Promises Comfort Fools'. By now you should know what to expect.


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