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Kringer & The Battle Katz

Kringer & The Battle Katz
Hometown: Manchester Current Label: Horn and Hoof Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Lunatic Fringe - Battle Vox 1

Mr Kris aka The God of War - Battle Vox 2

Manslug - Battle riffz and battle screamz

The Battlekath - Battlebass

Sgt Stiltz - Battle Beatz

Kringer & The Battle Katz Bio:

Founded in 2015 the soldiers of joy that are the Battle Katz united under the banner of "KRINGER AND THE BATTLE KATZ" to bring you meaty riffs, pounding beats, ear deafening screams, bowel shattering brass notes, and lung rupturing bass lines. For fans of Downset, Pantera, Eyehategod, Fu Manchu, Amen, Metallica, Rocket from the Crypt, Rage Against the Machine

Combining a mixture of Groove metal, Thrash Metal, Nu-Metal, Punk, Ska, Funk and whatever else they can, some call it Nu-Nu metal, some call it a load of old crap, but the Battle Katz call it PARTY METAL!

Since their inception in 2015 they have gone strength from strength. Playing all over the Northwest and venturing North to Scotland with plans to play all over the UK in 2017 and possibly Mainland Europe.

The Battle Katz released their self recorded, self produced, self released DIY epic of an E.P. at their own DIY EP release party - BATTLE-KON 1 THE THIRST CRUSADE.

As well as being a self reliant metal band Kringer and the Battle Katz wholly endorse the DIY ethic and arrange their own series of gigs under the banner of BATTLE-KON. A night that endorses bands with a little something different, something extraordinary or gut wrenching vomit inducing Metal and Punk.

The Battle Katz have no plans to stop but to wholly venture forward. Onwards and upwards. This 6 piece Party Metal outfit from Manchester UK are about to explode . . . .but hopefully not literally as that would be way too messy.

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