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Hometown: France Current Label: Klabautermann Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: SebKrypto : Drums
JpKrypto : Lead guitar
JoeKrypto : Lead vocal
BebigKrypto : Slap bass

Kryptonix Bio:

Kryptonix has had six prestigious albums to their credit, few compilations and a multitude of gigs in France and all over Europe.

All along their 27 years of existence,
Kryptonix has forged a solid reputation on the scene with varied and legendary bands from the psycho and rockabilly scene (The Meteors, Batmobile, Demented Are Go, MadSin, .. .) to the most famous current scenes (Anthrax, Mass Hysteria, Wampas, Marky Ramone / Michael Grave (Misfits), Tagada Jones ...)

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