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Last Shot At Fame

Last Shot At Fame
Hometown: Turku, Finland Current Label: Melodic Punk Style Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Aba - Bass
Jukka - Vocals & Guitar
Late - Drums
Masa - Vocals & Guitar

Last Shot At Fame Bio:

We are a punk rock band from Turku, Finland. Initially, Aba and Samppe were the ones to connect the dots and put the band together. They’d been talking, more or less seriously, about putting something together for a couple of years already. September 29th 2016, we had our first band practice and played “Limiter” by The Descendents and “I Want” by Face to Face, among other stuff. Already a week after that, Jukka, Aba and Masa had kept busy and a few original songs had emerged. The sound of the band slowly started taking its shape and after Samppe left the band in May 2017, we were one guitarist short. Aba moved from guitar to bass and Masa formally picked up the six string. Jukka added two strings and Late kept banging the skins. All members have a vast history of playing in bands and throwing shows. We are doing this because it feels right and it’s healthy for both the body and the mind. And it’s fucking fun. That’s it. Last Shot At Fame ;)

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