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Lets Get It

Lets Get It
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio Current Label: Fearless Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Joe - Vocals
Chris - Guitar / Keys
Tyler - Guitar / Vocals
Kevin - Drums
Taylor - Bass

Lets Get It Bio:

Let's Get It is the lovechild of music and attitude; a band born out of fevered fan anticipation and the right to bear swag. They have the soundtrack to your next party and the image of a poster boy protege. Remember the time you threw up the "L" to tell someone you thought they were a loser? Well these days it means "Let's Get It."

Let's Get It brings the scene to the club, with a sound that ranges from pop to rock, glued together by the melodies of an R&B song and the lyrics of a rapper. With creativity of this caliber and a broad but focused emphasis on making something new, their sound is perhaps better described as visionary pop modernism. "Sometimes our music scene feels like it all just runs together," says vocalist Joe Gilford. "We really like what people have been saying about us. We think our music is something you haven't heard yet."

The band has managed to spark belief into even the most meticulous of critics, garnering attention from different labels regarding an unreleased song that leaked with the bands information on it. One thing is for sure: Let's Get It will gladly be joining your list of bands that are destined for greatness as the fabled "next big thing." I never thought I'd say this about a band, but Let's Get It is for fans of Fall Out Boy, Forever The Sickest Kids, Jay-Z, and Young Jeezy.

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