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Band Members: Nishida, Ryota, Gen, Party Guy


A melodic punk band, LEXT was formed in 2005. From Hiroshima, Japan. 3 guys hit it off in a local scene. Released the most lame demos with talking shit about the lame bands.
In 2010, 5 years later, started an independent label, Beach Party Records and released 1st EP “Shadows”. Moved to Tokyo from Hiroshima and toured around Japan. At most 10 fans at the final show of the Japan tour.
In 2011, the turning point comes. Vocalist and drummer quit, and Nishida, current vocalist and bassist joined. LEXT became 4 piece band with two guitarists.
They released 2nd EP “Kiss My Asshole”, 3rd EP “To the Ocean” and 4th EP “Not a Movie” from Beach Party Records. And keep touring…
In 2014, they finally released 1st full-length “Poolside” includes 10 songs from I Hate Smoke Records. Finished their 3 month’s Japan tour at Shindaita Fever.
In 2015, released “Another Night EP” includes Hi-Standard’s “Nothing” cover. The tour finished at the one man show at Shimokitazawa Shelter.
In 2016. 2nd full-length “End of the Summer” is coming out in September. Mixed by Andrew Berlin (Rise Against, Face to Face etc) at Fort Collins, Colorado at the Blasting Room and mastered by a legendary swedish engineer, Jens Bogren (Baby Metal, Millencolin etc).
LEXT has their clever feelings survived in underground streets and mosh pits and make it all the kids to sing-along at every shows. Tough voice and sentimental and strong sounds. A melodic punk will from Japan is here.


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