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Living In Victory

Living In Victory
Hometown: South Bay Current Label: On The Attack Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Matthew Salamante, Jason Diaz, Jeremy Tudon, Christopher Pigao, Tony Esquivel

Living In Victory Bio:

Undeniably passionate and energetic, LIV. formed in December of 2012, unleashing a sound that is both infectious and powerful. Launching from the musical foundation laid by bands like Gorilla Biscuits, 7 Seconds, and Black Flag, their music delivers a message that is equal parts youthful angst and hopeful for the future. LIV. are Matthew Salamante (vocals), Jason Diaz (bass), Ace Esguerra (guitar), and Tony Esquivel (drums). Hardcore that embodies the love, the passion, the sorrow, the anger, the pain, the struggle, and the promise of life. Be. The. Change.

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