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Living With Lions

Living With Lions
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia Current Label: Pure Noise Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Chase - Guitar/Vocals
Bill - Bass/Vocals
Landon - Guitars/Vocals
Loren - Drums

Living With Lions Bio:

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Living With Lions have been making waves around the world with the release their provocatively titled full length, “Holy Shit”. The album artwork drew the ire of the Canadian Government, was front page news in their hometown and made headlines across North America following it’s release in May of 2011. For many, this was their first exposure to the band, but for fans that have been following Living With Lions, the story goes back much further.

It has been a long and winding road since the band formed in 2007. The band first emerged in Canada with the release of their acclaimed “Dude Manor EP”, followed quickly by their debut full-length “Make Your Mark” via Black Box (2008) & Adeline (2009). That record produced the popular single “A Bottle Of Charades” which has been featured on a handful of compilations and video game placements, and saw video play on Fuse and MuchMusic. This release also got them included in Alternative Press’ 100 Bands to Know for 2010.

From the start, there was something tangibly different about Living With Lions – their trademark dynamics and anthem-esque melody – set them apart in the punk rock
community. The sound is something exciting, fresh, and definitively theirs. It’s a sound that resonates with the new generation of punk rock fans and the grizzled veterans alike; it appeals to both the most jaded underground hardcore/punk rock fan as well as the fluffiest pop punk fan. It is in every sense accessible, honest, genuine and heart-felt. They wear their influences proudly while cultivating an experience all their own.

With performances at The Fest, and international tours alongside bands like A Day To Remember, Comeback Kid, Polar Bear Club, The Swellers, A Wilhelm Scream and The Wonder Years, and the press coverage around the album’s release, the band seemed poised to take a major step forward with their second full length. However, things didn’t come together as easily as predicted. The amicable departure of two founding members during the recording process delayed the completion of “Holy Shit”. The remaining members (Chase Brenneman – guitar/vocals, Landon Matz – guitar, Loren Legare – drums) converted their frustration and disappointment about the departures and delays into creative energy. Recruiting long time friends Stuart Ross (vocals) and Bill Crook (bass/vocals) to round out the lineup, the band quickly finished the album and emerged rejuvenated, refocused and motivated.

“Holy Shit” reveals a group of young musicians, songwriters and friends maturing and truly coming into their own on all levels. The album touches on all the hallmarks of good punk rock – angst, frustration, regret, longing and triumph – while staying true to the band’s definitive sound. “These songs are all about real people and situations that we’ve had to deal with,” says guitarist Chase Brenneman. The album opens with the anthemic track “Pieces”, a song that deals with a relationship that crumbles unexpectedly. This is a consistent theme throughout the record. “It’s something people can definitely relate to on their own level.” says Brenneman.

Other stand-out tracks include, “In Your Light” and “Maple Drive Is Still Alive” which capture the band’s trademark dynamic shifts between energetic double-time punk rock and half-time sing-along choruses. Songs like “Wake Up” and “Rough Around The Edges” showcase a darker, edgier side of the band – something they wear quite well.

The first single, “Honesty, Honestly” is the most immediately memorable track – featuring an upbeat verse and soaring chorus, along with one of the strongest lyrics on the whole record. “You got the best of me, now take the rest of me” vocalist Stuart Ross quips in one of the most self-aware moments on the album. The accompanying video captures the band’s self-deprecating sense of humour as well – another element of the band’s persona that endears them so much to their fans.

This record marked a large step forward for the band internationally as well, with releases around the globe in Canada, the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia all within 4 months of the initial release. The world is truly embracing Living With Lions. Their sound and message are resonating on a grassroots level everywhere they go – transcending time zones, oceans, and language barriers.

2012 will be a very important year for the band supporting “Holy Shit”. With their hard work, the acclaim and controversy surrounding the record and its album art, the band have given themselves an amazing opportunity to make a true impact with their burgeoning audience around the world. Their fans have become passionate advocates, and the audience only continues to grow.

See them on tour around the world throughout 2012.


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    Stu left the band awhile ago.

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