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Mad Judy

Mad Judy
Hometown: Sacramento, California Current Label: Hella Mad Records Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Derek Pereza: vocals, guitar
Jordan Trucano: bass guitar, vocals
Joe "smokin' & smokin'" Friday: lead guitar
Audrey Motzer: drums

Mad Judy Bio:

Stumbling out of a smoke-filled SUV, speakers blasting theme songs by the Replacements, Jawbreaker, Mudhoney, Dinosaur Jr, or maybe even Modest Mouse, Mad Judy isn't the type of band you'd take your kid sister out to see (unless you really don't like your kid sister). With no commercial ambitions, Mad Judy bust out a bitch’s brew of hardcore punk, indie, pop, and even metal to create a washtub moonshine of sound that Steve-O himself would think twice about butt chugging. A sound that's been described as "friendly bastard rock... with noise"…

Overcoming what would appear to be all odds, Mad Judy continue to expand their fan base beyond just the indie rockers and attention starved teenage girls they sing about, becoming what some might call "talented and entertaining". But if you wanna know the real truth about the band, you're just gonna have to catch 'em live and see for yourself.


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