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Michael Strike and The God Damn Band

Michael Strike and The God Damn Band
Hometown: Wausau, Wisconsin Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: A traveling band for many lands, sharing cities with members and members with cities.

Michael Strike and The God Damn Band Bio:

The God Damn Band is an all inclusive musical project headed by frontman Michael Str!ke with static founding members Tiffany Gniot on drums and Brad Beilke on Bass.

The sound of The God Damn Band will vary on the location of their show, incorporating musicians far and wide into the act. Regional musicians are as follows;

Shaun Hoffman - La Crosse, Wi
Ben Clark - Milwaukee, Wi
Jameson Diedrich - Wausau, Wi

The goal of The God Damn Band is to promote unity and cooperation throughout the global music scene, and to welcome any musician or performance artist to share the stage with them.

With the use of social media we'll provide chord charts, tablature, videos and more to outline the structure of our God Damn songs; giving local artists the chance to offer their own accompaniment to our sound.

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