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Mischief Brew

Mischief Brew
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Current Label: Gunner Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Erik Petersen
Shawn St. Clair
Chris "Doc" Kulp

Mischief Brew Bio:

Emerging from pist-off Pennsylvania punk rock troupe The Orphans, Mischief Brew was started with a single scratchy demo tape by Erik Petersen...utilizing such instruments as acoustic guitar, 12-string Bolivian mandolin, junk percussion, yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum. It 'grew' into a one-person band/acoustic act in the vein of Billy Bragg, Stan Rogers, or Woody Guthrie...and nowadays, you never know what to expect. From a live three-piece punk/folk parade to a multi-piece studio experience with accordions and marimba...Mischief Brew aims to keep you on your boot-tips with a chaotic sampling of pirate-swing, gypsy-jazz, and polka-punk. In the mood? Tune in on the heart of Saturday night at a basement or bar near you.


  1. kristagarner
    KristaGarner10/14/2016 2:37 AM | Permalink

    I like your voice.

  2. bobsmith10/27/2016 1:50 AM | Permalink

    I like this song.

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    […] of Pat the Bunny and Mischief¬†Brew are sure to dig this emerging solo act. The young Mr.¬†Puntton pairs honest songwriting with raw, […]

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