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Hometown: Ontario, Canada Current Label: Vagrant Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Kenny Bridges - Vocals and Guitar
Erik Hughes - Bass and Vocals
Hippy Hughes - Vocals and Guitar
Steve Nunnaro - Drums

Moneen Bio:

Moneen is a band.
Moneen is Kenny, Hippy, Erik and Steve.
We like delay, pretty noises and things breaking.
We have 3 records and 2 EP’s.
We have a released a new EP.
Soon we will release our 4th full length called “the world I want to leave behind”.
We like songs with ups and downs.
We like quiet songs and really loud ones too.
We especially like to make weird noises.
Moneen has been a band for about 10 years.
Moneen loves playing live.
Moneen has never killed anyone.
Enjoy life.

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