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Moral Dilemma

Moral Dilemma
Band Members: craig- guitar/vocals,
chloe- bass/ vocals,

Moral Dilemma Bio:

Born of the London squat scene, the band has spent the past six years tearing the U.K. live scene a new one. From gigs played through makeshift PAs in graffiti-scrawled, piss-smelling buildings to gracing the stages of the Reading and Leeds festivals, Moral Dilemma has undertaken a relentless journey through every gritty corner of the U.K. and Europe. The band even made time to record a session at the world-famous BBC Maida Vale Studios for the Radio 1 Punk Show.

The band’s live shows are renowned for their ferocity and intensity, two qualities that have not so much seeped through as they have flooded Moral Dilemma’s recorded output. Both debut album Right to Remain Silent and the sophomore Agree to Disagree are abrasive and raw charges of politicized punk rock, hard-hitting and angry, yet poetic at the core. Bigger Cages, Longer Chains looks set to follow in its predecessors’ footsteps.

Having been dismissed by some as just another punk band, Moral Dilemma continues to push the boundaries of the scene in which it sits. There’s a lot more depth to this band than studs and traditional clichés. As with previous tracks ‘The Bastard Sons’, ‘Someone Else’s Lies’ and ‘Cayenne’, this new EP will see the band explore its softer side, testing the waters of Blues and Folk.

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