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Mutant Reavers

Mutant Reavers
Hometown: From the wasteland swamps Kiel, Germany Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Oli Wonka - Vocals, Guitars; Necrola Nic - Bass; Doom Van Dan - Guitars; Dr. Mo - Drums

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Praise the arrival of the Mutant Reavers. These intergalactic outlaws play Horror-Punk with a bite of Metal. Inspired by all kinds of horror, they tell tales of the dark side of life, B-movie stuff and alligators. Olli Wonka and Necrola Nic formed this alliance of terrifying evil in late 2015 and rose from the wasteland swamps of Kiel. In the following months they recorded their 4-song debut "First Blood" and found their gruesome guitarist Doom Van Dan. Finally Dr. Mo slays on the drums. Beware ... it's shadow time.


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