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My Lady Four

My Lady Four
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Brian Schwarz- Lead Vox, Rhythm Guitar, Keys
Brian "Carp" Carpenter- Bg Vox, Drums
Peter Iversen - Bass, Bg Vox
Mike "Francis" Fisher- Lead Guitar

My Lady Four Bio:

rian Schwarz is not a new writing voice. After his former band, Pleasant Street Conspiracy, Schwarz started writing songs while attending the University of Minnesota. Wanting to make a name for himself in the music industry, Brian pulled a Kanye West and dropped out of college to pursue music full time. He auditioned more than 250 people from an ad that he had posted on Craigslist, Brian “Carp” Carpenter being one of them; Carp’s post script assuring Brian not to worry, “I won’t kill you.”

Growing up in the tech savvy age, My Lady Four saw the future of music being a DIY model, and recorded and released their first EP, Everyone Pays the Gatekeeper, independently. With the addition of Peter Iversen followed by Francis Fisher during the recording of EPTG, the band finally came to be something much more, a meeting of the minds musically and a brotherhood.

Brian, using his music business know-how, booked the band on a three month tour along the east coast. In charge of their own promotion, they were able to prove to themselves that you didn’t need a big label backing you to survive.

And survival is the name of the game. Jake Scherer, of New Medicine who guest-vocaled on EPTG, said to Schwarz, “You gotta act like you’ll never get signed,” which Brian has carried with him to this day.

With this drive and determination, My Lady Four has been able to not only survive, but to succeed and show everyone what they’ve become.

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