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Nancy Vandal

Nancy Vandal
Hometown: New South Wales, Australia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: JJ La Moore - Guitar/Bass
Bombshell Dakota - Drums
Fox Trotsky - Guitar/Vocals
Gilli Pepper - Sax/Vocals
Lickerof Finetesticles - Keys/Tromboner

Nancy Vandal Bio:

NV are back on hiatus after a barnstorming 2009 resurgence.

Formed in 1993 by pouring several litres of lard into a set of matching leather pants, Nancy Vandal were to become a turbo charged rock sensation that redefined the word spadgecock. Armed with their rudimentary musical knowledge, outrageous good looks, and willingness to steal other people's ideas, they charted a course for Stardom City, only to take a wrong turn and end up in Twat Street.

Despite this, and several other talent based obstacles that presented themselves along the way, Nancy Vandal [or "Fancy Sandals" to JJ's dad] managed to score a bit of radio airplay, played festivals such as Homebake, Falls Festival, Livid and Market Day, and supported a shitload of touring punk pop and ska bands most of whom sucked. They also played with a bunch of bands that ruled including Frenzal Rhomb, FugG, Crapulous Geegaw, Scrumfeeder, Prik Harness, The Onyas, The Crusaders, Where's The Pope?, The Thurston Howlers, The Del Emmas, Bantha Fodder and Blowhard to name a few. Whatever your opinion of Nancy Vandal, unless it is "they rule" you are dead wrong. If you don't believe me go and ask a random stranger "wasn't the world a better place when Nancy Vandal were rocking the shit out of us?". Chances are they will look straight at you with a tear in their eye and whisper...... "yes".....

If they don't try asking someone else.

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