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Nasty Habits

Nasty Habits
Hometown: Los Angeles, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Jon Nelson - Guitar/Lead Vocals
Stephan Klein - Bass/Backing Vocals
Justin Pace - Drums

Nasty Habits Bio:

Nasty Habits hailing from Los Angeles, California have got the blues,punk,funk,metal, and classic rock sound you're looking for with songs like "Because she loves me" that makes you want to groove to the song, "Do what thou wilt" is a tasty rock treat for your ears. You can hear the passion Nasty Habits holds together as a band, and you can tell they all have eclectic tastes in music. This makes for a truly mind blowing record cause of how tight the band members are, and how devoted to music these guy's really are. You can't go wrong with all the different types of sounds they're belting out. From the amazing guitar solo on " By him i'm known", to the punk sound of " Caving in", and " Left behind". This record is all over the place. Talented, eclectic, and just a menagerie of amazement, I consider this the record of the year so far. A mind fuck of a good listen. Purchase this album and you will not be disappointed. There are no bad songs on this record and it may help you to know that the lead singer/guitarist of this band used to play for the Red hot chili peppers and Suicidal tendencies. Seriously, even you punks will suck it up. It's just that tasty. YUM!

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