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Nervous Impulse

Nervous Impulse
Hometown: Washington DC Current Label: Bridge Nine Records Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Serge - vox (ex - The Goons)
Dave - guitar (ex - VPR, Porch Mob, current - HR Band, BSR)
Shaffer - bass (ex - Porch Mob, Electricutions, current - Reticents, BSR)
Dave - drums (ex - Striking Distance, Barfight)

Nervous Impulse Bio:

The guys in Nervous Impulse grew up on unhealthy doses of the Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, and the Big Boys, so it's no surprise their music is raw, fast, and would bite you if it could. The lyrics are angry, caustic, and laced with cynical commentary of everyday life. They've all spent their share of time in the DC-area hardcore/punk scene, from the late 80’s forward, playing and touring in bands such as The Goons, Striking Distance, VPR, Set to Explode ,The Reticents, HR Band, and others. They formed in late 2009 as a five-piece band with Serge Goon on vocals, Dave Stone and Nik Deems on guitars, Jon Shaffer on bass, and Jon Bergner on drums. They played their first show in late summer 2010 under the name Brand X. After a few shows they changed it Nervous Impulse, which was a more appropriate name.

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