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Neurotic November

Neurotic November
Hometown: Hialeah, Florida Current Label: Victory Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Dirty - Vocals
Simon Almonte - Guitar
Alvaro Soto - Guitar
Sushi - Guitar
Bear - Bass
Allen Vega - Drums

Neurotic November Bio:

Neurotic November became official in January 2009 coming to you from sunny south Florida, a six piece band with breaks that will move you, melodies that will swell in your head for hours, and whose members are as diverse as its sound. Dirty Dick leads the way with his one of a kind voice, shouting his down to earth lyrics alongside the heavy chugs, southern metal style riffs, and due solos with triple harmonies of guitarists The Over Achiever, Handsome Hajii and Sushi. Neurotic November boasts a style that differs from most metal bands, drummer Cholo adding his own pace and powerful beats while bassist Bear amazes listeners with her unique style of playing and performing. The band began its journey in the world of recording by traveling a difficult twenty hour drive, packed into Dirty Dicks Ford Ranger, the band truly learning the meaning behind "bonding". While in Ohio Neurotic November completed the recording of their first two songs as a band; "I'm From The Sunshine State I Gotta Shine" and "It Always Rains In Gotham City". After returning from Ohio, excited to put their new tracts up they received over 3000 plays within the first few hours of having the songs up. Seeing how excited kids were about their music the band began dedicating their time to constant practice and writing new material. April 2009 Neurotic November was booked at. The Talent Farm and played their first show as a band, receiving over thirty kids alone representing NN. Neurotic November continued playing shows, opening for bands like Dr. Acula and Autumn Black, playing more songs each show, wowing fans with their unique performance and comical remarks from lead singer Dirty Dick, keeping fans coming back for more. Neurotic November continues to keep their dedication and dreams of getting signed through practicing, playing shows and writing new songs, the hope of getting signed looking bright in their future. This is definitely a band you'll want to keep an eye on.....

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