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New Way On

New Way On
Hometown: Riverside, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Patrick Traylor,
Adrian Mendez,
Jesse Hernandez,
Damian Monroy,
Jacqueline Mendez

New Way On Bio:

The idea behind New Way On lies within their name. They wanted to take the music they love hearing and playing in different directions, giving it a new way on. This is precisely what they have done. It has been hard for them to describe their own music because they take something so seemingly familiar, and put it in a new place. They’d like to call themselves a punk band, but it’s so much more than that. Their sound is dynamic and changing and it’s evident in their newly released full length LP, The Brightest Corner. This ten song collection is an audio bibliography of sorts, telling the band’s three year history. Now they are taking their music to new and different places.
Growing up on a healthy diet of punk rock music, this has become the core of what New Way On does. They know how to push the envelope of that one two beat though. Just take a listen to what’s going on in the title track “Brightest Corner.” It will take you on a trip through many of the dimensions of what makes New Way On what they are: A healthy dose of a punk rock, plenty of catchy lyrics, guitar riffs that you’ll be humming all day. Hell, you might even find yourself pumping your fist and rooting for the underdog. Adrian’s deep voice and even deeper lyrics provide a strong base for the music to be structured around. On the track “La Dolce Vita”, Jacque provides an upbeat and nostalgic feel on lead vocals. Damian’s strong beats inject healthy levels of life throughout the album. Guitarist Patrick finds a way to leave his mark on every track. The back and forth vocals provided by bassist Jesse on “Momentary” have become a trademark of something different that New Way On can do so well. His bass riffs aren’t bad either. When all this is thrown into a pot and mixed up, New Way On emerges.
The band calls the Inland Empire of Southern California home and New Way On has blasted their live music through just about every PA in the area.


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