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Hometown: Clarkesville, Georgia Current Label: Anchor Eighty Four Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Joel - Lead Vocals/Percussion
Jared - Guitars/ Backing Vocals

Newamerica Bio:

When Newamerica, formerly known as, The Discover Radio, began, the scene was so much different than it is now. electronic music was still “becoming” and auto-tune hadn’t grown infamous due to greats like jay-z (see “death of auto-tune”). so even though we take pride in our electronic roots, we are happy with the facts that both an aging genre, and a self-maturing as a band, caused us to exceed what previously defined us. the songs off our ep, “different & we know it,” were written in october of two years ago by two 15-year olds on an ibook, over a bowl of cinnamon mini-swirlz. in the coming february, one high school battle of the bands show let tdr know that it was time to expand. the following year would be a time for tdr to grow, develop its sound, and seek out people who cared about this as much as its founders. the band went into the studio in the summer of 2008 with members joel, dillon, and jared—the guitarist and newest addition. with a handful of electronic skeleton tracks and a determination to “go big or go home” (see jonny tsunami), the band was completely blown away by how different the songs became, hence the title of the ep. however, “dawki” holds another meaning—one that focuses on the bands underlying intentions to stand out from the crowd. after months of recording and preparation, the band finally released their first effort. january of 2009 was a big month for tdr as it saw “dawki” release and completed its line-up for live shows with jordan terrell on bass, and alex blackwood on guitar. with a full line-up and a newly released ep, tdr was ready to get the word out. sadly, after booking the first show, dillon left the band—not having time for the direction tdr was going—and the band continued, rearranging accordingly due to a key member loss. however, as much as dillon’s leaving sucked, it also opened them up to a whole new style—less electronic and more straight-up pop/punk rock…a style that has been a band-favorite of everyone since the late 90s saw bands like jimmy eat world and the get up kids. “playing everywhere we could over the summer of 2009 really stretched us as a band—we really grew up in this past summer. we finally got a permanent drummer—jacob—who we knew was the right fit from the first night he hung out with us (he threw up yoo-hoo on a spin-wheel), and things are more exciting now than ever,” states jared cox. “we may play the same venues, get put in the same genres, and listen to the same music as everyone else…but for us, this band is about doing something that we all love—hanging out while playing music together—the second that our motives change, Newamerica will cease to exist.” “we pride ourselves in knowing that while we’ve only been a band for a couple of years…we’ve been in this a lot longer than a lot of today’s bands have been—having paid our dues in supporting the bands that have inspired us and continuing to support music we love. this isn’t a scene, it’s not an attempt to be popular or make friends…it is a family that wants to give back what has been given to us—music that matters.” “with the expectations of having fun, there isn’t much room to go wrong—so we’ll see what happens to us…and hopefully, our awesome friends will want to follow along. so just so we’re clear:
Newamerica is a family, friends, fans, brothers, kids, lovers, students, dreamers, good people, an idea, a reality, hope, the beginning, fun, a statement, sincere, and a way of life. thanks for all you do, God bless.

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