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No More
Band Members: Cory - Guitar/Vocals
Jen - Guitar/Vocals
Heather - Bass/Vocals
Danny - Drums

No More Bio:

The friends in NOMORE have been playing music together since they were kids. Influenced by punk/indie/ska and radical females, NOMORE imaginatively described their genre as 'punk rock to save the world'. Socio-political punk, infused with pop hooks and harmonies embody the idea that singing and dancing together can liberate us all. Inspired by the writings of Zinn, Chomsky, Orwell, Klein - the mission remains to write songs about feminism, media, liberation, and cultural/global issues. With an affection for benefit shows and all-ages clubs, NOMORE has played with friends all over the country and continue to resonate and build relationships on a grassroots level.

In 2010 Heather Tabor, (formerly of Teen Idols, Bullets To Broadway) joined the band as NOMOREĆ­s bass player and back-up vocalist. A veteran of the touring circuit, they had crossed paths for years playing many of the same venues, making the same jokes, and knowing the same friends. So it was a perfect fit, and added a sweet second female voice to the mix.

Previous independent releases include "Mental Slavery", "American Coverup", and "Just The Beginning."

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