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No Turning Back

No Turning Back
Hometown: Netherlands Current Label: Bridge Nine Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Vocals - Martijn
Guitar - Emiel
Bass - Giel
Drums – Robin

No Turning Back Bio:

In this day and age where hardcore bands come and go with the speed of light NO TURNING BACK are holding true to what they originally set out to do and they're not planning on giving up, ever.

Starting out in 1997 as 16-year olds in the barren south-eastern parts of The Netherlands, music was their only means of venting their anger and frustration of not fitting in, in a world that seemed sick and cold to the bone. Since those days the band has come a long way.

Driven by a merciless give-all-take-all attitude, No Turning Back have steadily been building an impressive career touring worldwide and became a household name in hardcore music, with an incredible back catalogue of five full length records, three MCDs, two split 7''EPs and a 7'' EP.

Leaning on the original NYHC sounds No Turning Back has evolved and developed their own signature grooves, fast breaks and massive sing along anthems. The sound that moves any crowd into a swirling mass including circle-pits, tons of stage dives and huge sing alongs.

Hardcore the way it should be.

Since fall 2006, the release of 'Holding On', a lot has happened for No Turning Back.

This third full length record, released on five continents on multiple labels, CD and vinyl, has taken the band to the next level of their impressive ten year strong career.

With overwhelming feedback from the international press the band showed the rest of the world what they do best, transforming any audience into a raging mob within seconds during the band's increasingly popular liveshows. 2007 has been No Turning Backs best year so far. It's the year that the band celebrated their 10 year anniversary as a band, still raising every bar ever set in hardcore by sounding more hungry, more eager and more inspiring than any of their contemporaries supporting their music and words by relentless touring and live performances.

Since the release of 'Holding On', No Turning Back smashed the stage at over 220 shows across the globe, planting their flag firmly in the top region of European hardcore.

Three North America tours, headline tours in Japan, Brasil and all over Europe hitting major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Rio, Sao Paulo, NYC, LA, London, Barcelona and more. Being support for Terror, Sick Of It All, Hatebreed, Ignite, Gorilla Biscuits, Bad Brains and many others. Playing festivals all over the world like the Sound and Fury Festival in California, U.S. and the Groezrock festival in Meerhout, Belgium in front of thousands. No Turning Back is living their dream.

In between the almost non-stop touring they went back into the studio for two new releases. First a split 7 EP released on several labels worldwide and they recorded a full length cd '1997-2007', released on the bands own label Bust! Records. In 2007 No Turning Back also re- released their first two full lengths on Bust! Records, this do-it- yourself point of view strongens the bands reputation as the most hardworking in this scene.

The year 2008 will be another promising year for No Turning Back.

They recorded a new album called STRONGER. Dirk Miers at De Studio and Alan Douches at West West Side contributed their expertise to make this record another highlight in No Turning Backs excistence. The resulting fifth album was released April 14th and has gotten great reviews from all over the world. The video for the song Do You Care! recorded at Area 51 Skatepark in Eindhoven by NTBs friends from Spread magazine can be seen on the bands Myspace.

NO TURNING BACK is touring all over the globe since the release date.


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