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Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland Current Label: Bridge Nine Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Phil Fosler - Vocals
Shane Walsh - Drums
Lazy Wes Young - Guitar
Tony Savaro - Bass

Octaves Bio:

Some guys from Baltimore decided to "cut the crap and do somethin'". That "somethin'" would become Octaves in the beginning of 2009. Tired of the stinky old sounds they were hearing at the time, Octaves solemnly vowed to never be as crappy as those dummies and write the songs they wanted to hear....even if no one else wanted hear it....and no one else did. These super cool friends didn't sweat it, though. They kidnapped friend and producer, Mike Bridget, and held him captive for several weeks on a diet of Lean Pockets and warm Sunny D until he agreed to record Octaves first demo.The boys (I use the term loosly)then employed their moms and dads to pay off local roustabouts to go to their shows and pretend to tolerate the music.The rouse soon payed off. After a few months, they had so many people fooled, even this producer guy was all "Let's do stuff!" So they ripped off a few more 80's new wave songs, packed up a car or five and headed to Glow in the Dark Studios in Atlanta in the yucky august sun to "do stuff" with Justin Chapman . He quickly regreted it, but had no choice but to commence since he was paid in full upon arrival. What came from that "stuff" was Octaves first (just barely) full-length, "Greener Pastures." The 5 talentless, dirty losers had only intended to print 5 copies of the album; one for each of their awful faces. Since the band was at the time, and had always been very broke, they set out to find someone to fund their project. They asked a bunch of guys and all the guys were like "this sucks," but then one guys was like "This really sucks, but I feel real bad for you guys. I'll make a bunch of cds." Octaves was like "cool" and signed with that guy. He was a Hotfoot guy. Then they took forevsies to get the album together, but then they did and now it's comin' out soon. Bye.


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    Great effort

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    soo nice song.

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    i love this.

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