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One Choice

One Choice
Hometown: SoCal Current Label: Seventh Dagger Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Victor Galindo - vocals
Rob Mertz - guitar
Kevin Clarke - guitar
Fick - Bass
Adam Galindo - drums

One Choice Bio:

Hailing from southern California, One x Choice is taking StraightEdge hardcore back to the forefront.
With an ex pro-skater and members of bands like Time For Change, Collision, Built To Last and Her Grey Earth and a drummer who at an incredibly young age has already won several awards, One x Choice is pushing forward with strong words following their every move.

Their debut EP on New Age records in 2008 set their tone with a 90'sish hardcore sound complete with a sincere Straight Edge message. They then released their first video for 'This X....the Nail in Your Coffin'. This song was a strong disapproval of drunk driving and the laws enforcing it. Harsh images for a harsh message. Not for the faint of heart.

Having moved to Seventh Dagger Records in 2009, One X Choice released their full length entitled 'Forever War'. This record took their music and message to the next level. Every song deals with some aspect of drug or alcohol abuse from a very real perspective. Audio drops from real newscasts are spattered throughout the record to support the messages within. For this record, One X Choice gathered some of the Straight Edge scenes most honored heroes. Karl from Earth Crisis, Toby from H20, Greg from Trial, Andrew from Strife, Scott from Earth Crisis and Mike from Outspoken all contributed on the record and quotes can be seen on the gatefold of the record explaining how Straight Edge encompasses their lives. The message is to show kids that you can grow up, be successful and maintain your Straight Edge values and this certainly proves that.

In support of 'Forever War', One X Choice released their 2nd video for the title track, 'Forever War'. Karl from Earth Crisis, having sung on this track, joined them in the video to pound the message that the movement will never die.

In August of 2010, 'To Us it Was So Much More' was released on 1124 Records. This is a 2x7" Chain Of Strength cover compilation. One X Choice covered 'True Til Death', and truly made it their own. Other bands on the comp are Reign Supreme, Mindset and Ambitions, to name a few. The colored vinyl and packaging turned out great.

Fall of 2011 saw the split EP 'Now This War Has Two Sides' released on Seventh Dagger Records. Sharing this EP was Australia's Saving Grace and each band did an Earth Crisis cover song. One X Choice covered 'No Allegience'.

Determined to continue to support hardcore and the Straight Edge movement, One X Choice is now working on music for their 2nd full length titled 'Black Horizon' to be released on Seventh Dagger in 2012. XXX


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