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On My Honor

On My Honor
Hometown: Knoxville, TN Current Label: Little Heart Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Drew- vocals
Lucas- guitar
David- bass
Jordan- guitar

On My Honor Bio:

ON MY HONOR is a pop-punk band from Knoxville, TN signed to Little Heart Records. The band’s sound revolves around making honest music with an emphasis on personal lyrics, intricate guitars, and high energy songs that focus on topics other than breaking up with your girlfriend, while straying away from the typical "verse-chorus-breakdown" formula. Since late 2007 they have done 16 U.S. tours, played over 350 shows, built a draw of 400 plus in their hometown, logged iTunes and online sales on four (4) continents, received press across the world from press outlets like Alternative Press, Amp, Lights Out UK, Absolute Punk, Punktastic, and Property of Zack. The band also played The Vans Warped Tour in 2009. After touring almost constantly since summer 2011, the band released their new EP entitled “Nature & Nurture” September 6th and the record debuted in the top 100 globally on Interpunk. The band plans on touring as much as possible in support of the record anywhere in the world they can get in 2012. On My Honor believes “Nature & Nurture” is a big step and everyone else seems to agree so far:

“Nature & Nurture is undoubtedly a record where too often words fall short. I can only hope that more artists, and listeners, see this as an exemplary display of musicianship, where the real justice is done when listened to first-hand” –

“Right from the opening line “what if these are the last words I ever get to say?” -Its an EP crammed full of fist in the air, heart on the sleeve, sing-a-longs. They’ve delivered a fast-paced, anthemic punk-rock record steeped in sincerity and with a little bit more nurturing, ON MY HONOR could become one of your favorite bands” -Punktastic

“On My Honor has deserved a spot in the “must haves” of this year, no question about it. Nature & Nurture is everything you can ask for in a solid pop/punk release.” –Neck Deep Media

“I feel like it is one of the best albums I have heard of this genre, and is definitely a band that should be even bigger than they are, and an album that is worth buying and remembering.” -Ink and Paper Media

“Overall, this band was pretty smart to name the EP “Nature and Nurture.” The lyrics make you think, and the instrumentals gently coerce you into thinking a certain way about each song. I felt beyond nerdy trying to figure out the connection between titles and the actual content, but I enjoyed listening to this intellectual masterpiece.” –Truth or Sarah


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