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Hometown: Borlange, Sweden Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Jesper - Lead vocals, rhytm guitar
Jeppe - Lead guitar, back-up vocals
Sander - Bass, back-up vocals
Adam - Drums

Papercrouch Bio:

It all started back in '09 when Jesper & Jeppe started playing together in the basement. Playing most covers for nearly a year they started thinking about a rythm section. So one fine day, at school, Jeppe was asked to play bass with the janitors son's band.The line up were Andreas on guitar and Adam on drums. So they rehearsed together for the first time in the school's media room. When asked about the first time played together, Jeppe answered ”Well the guitarist basically sucked, but the drummer had potential and we needed a drummer so I brought with me Jesper to a rehearsal”. Now it started looking like a real band. They did covers of punk rock bands like Sex Pistols, Bad Religion, NOFX and Social Distortion. Jesper and Andreas didn't come along very well, and there were very much talk behind backs. A week after starting playing together Jesper got a call from Andreas asking him to leave the band. Without even talking to Jeppe or Adam. Jeppe and Adam didn't like this and so they kicked Andreas out of the band. Now things really started to happen. Jeppe now started playing guitar instead. Jesper started writing some own material and the rest contributed with the music. The line up was now Jesper on vocals and rythm guitar, Jeppe on lead guitar and backup vocals & Adam on drums. They rehearsed and wrote songs, but something was missing: A bassplayer. So finally in february of 2011 they found Sander. Now it was official. They were a band. The next thing to do? -Record a demo. So in april of 2011 they recorded a six song demo on springbreak in three days. It was recorded in Jesper's basement. The day after it was done they had their first gig at Gylle middle school. Now they started gigging for real, playing wherever they could. In August that same year, they went in to a real studio to record a four song ep, wich later would be known as Mr. Still Alright. In september they played the last show with the ”real” line up. After that show, Sander & Adam said that they would quit the band. Now what? Jesper and Jeppe were back at square one. But there were still hope. Jeppe had seen a bass player on the social website Facebook, who lived in the town next door, 20 minutes from them. So they called him up for a ”test run”. They played in the schools music room. They went well together. So now there was only one task left. -A drummer. The new bassplayer Max knew a guy that maybe was up for it. So they tried him out, but the didn't fit musically. So they scraped that. In february of 2012 Sander & Adam asked to join the band again. So they played together for the first time in six months. The next week they booked a gig at Arenan, Falun. With only two practises in a half year, they played a show at Arenan.

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