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Part Time Killer

Part Time Killer
Hometown: Lahti, Finland Current Label: Toy Bomb Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Alex - Vocals/Bass
Antti - Guitar/Vocals
Tero - Guitar/Vocals
Eppu - Drums

Part Time Killer Bio:

When we were kids we made this agreement that if someone leaves the band we will call it a quits and so happened. After 11 years of playing melodic punkrock under the name of Flippin' Beans and with the same lineup the original drummer left the band. Even though we all had that "end is near" feeling quite a long time quiting the band was really hard thing to do. The year was 2007 and Flippin' Beans had come to its end.

Lucky enough we (Alex, Antti and Tero) found someone to fill the drummers chair to the last FB shows...and that thin guy was Eppu, arms as thick as the drum sticks but boy he could play those drums. After the last FB European tour it was suppose to be all over for us but on that tour we had such a great time that I can't even remember when it had been so much fun! So after the tour we did notice that Eppu was idiot enough to start a new band with us. He was the thing what we needed all along you know new spark!! So here we go! Year 2008 and we got a new band with new songs and attitude!

Sometimes all you need is fresh start to realize that this shit gives you more than it takes (I am not talking about money hahah)!! We have always done this with passion and from the heart and nothing is going to change that!

Thanx for the support in all these years and if we are lucky enough we will have your support in the future as well!!!!

See you in the pit!

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