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Pasha Bulka

Pasha Bulka
Hometown: Newcastle, Australia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Vocals - Lewis Armstrong
Guitar - Tim Driver
Guitar - Brendan Idale
Bass - Aaron Hams
Drums - Liam Ruddo

Pasha Bulka Bio:

Pasha Bulka started in the early months of 2012,our main focus was to say 'fuck it' to playing one genre that is heard constantly throughout the music scene and try to combine a mixture of all our favourite styles of music fitted into one neat package. Agressive hardcore, with raw emotion, melodic builds, thrashy verses and ofcoursethem tasty breakdowns...

In August we recorded our self titled EP at Tommirock with Adam McCann which is free at any of our shows or download for free here:

Recently being signed to Monument Agency, 2013 holds big things for
Pasha Bulka, stay posted and we hope to see you very soon Xx


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