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Patent Pending

Patent Pending
Hometown: Long Island, New York Current Label: Rude Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Joe - Vocals

Rob - Guitar and Vocals

Marc - Guitar

Corey - Bass and Vocals

Anthony - Drums

Josh - Guitar and Vocals

Patent Pending Bio:

Patent Pending is an acrobatic gang of musical misfits from Long Island, New York. With a never-say-die attitude and enough live energy to power Times Square, they've set their sites on taking over the music industry from the ground up. Growing in size from basements to amphitheaters, from VFW Halls to sold out headlining shows in the United Kingdom, they've never let go of the genuine DIY code of ethics the band was founded on over a decade ago. The live show, which has been described as "psychotically fun and dramatically moving," is an inspiring testament to the passion the band pours into every aspect of their lives. With an ever growing army of "lifers" behind them (better known as - "The Second Family") Patent Pending pulls from all corners of the musical spectrum to create a fearless and eclectic blend of genre-bending, arena ready anthems.
Patent Pending shows no signs of slowing down and even less of forgetting where they came from. A quote from a recent interview with front man, Joe Ragosta can best explain - "The music makes us a band, the connection with the people who listen to that music makes us a family, and family is stronger than anything."


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