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Phone Trio

Phone Trio
Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Current Label: Three Tails Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Mateus Simoes - Bass
Hugo Faraco - Drums
Sal - Guitar/Vocals

Phone Trio Bio:

Powerful. That dirty Gavea bar was never so powerful. Never something so comforting – and yet aggressive – had come out of it before. There, between the most popular university in Rio de Janeiro and the largest favela in the world; in that dirty old college bar, a monster was born. Between cheap beer, sex jokes and guitar talk, three friends decide to form a band – a troupe where they would play like they used to play when they were 14. Gathering those late 90’s punk rock influences, some old songs from their old bands and a passion for the English language; Sal, Hugo Faraco and Mateus Simoes went rehearsing for the very first time in November 2004. From that moment on, they were doomed: They would not be able to leave that tiny little monster baby behind. And so, Phone Trio was born.

Hopping between Rock n’ Roll, Neo-Swing and pure and proud Pop Punk, the Trio did their first gigs in July 2005, proving themselves to be the fun and energetic act they would come to be known as in Rio. Their first demo recordings caught the eyes of some Brazilian indie labels and they signed with Enemy One Records for their debut EP and forthcoming Full-Length. And so, they rushed to Sal’s home studio to start working in their teenager monster’s first act.

Brickwall came out in the middle of Phone Trio’s first Sao Paulo Tour – the first big step for a Brazilian rock band. And the public’s response to the album wasn’t less hysterical than the tour itself. With a great acceptance in the Punk Rock scene, the album opens with the powerful Loves Me So, Loves Me Not, with an intoxicating formula that appears again in their first single, Crystal Clear. With refreshing power pop moments in Fur Eye and a homage to the early 90’s Swing fever in Hooker, the 7-track EP translates Phone Trio’s energy in the most thoroughly perfect way. And now, the monster seeks its final step into adulthood. Going into studio once more by the end of 2007, the band starts preparing their first Full-Length and seeks the attention of the Punk Rock community in the whole world. With all its power, energy, mildness and comfort, the monster goes for the big game.

Pride. That dirty Gavea bar was never so proud.

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