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Hometown: Grass Valley, CA Current Label: A-F Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Ean Elliot (Vocals)
Jayoh (Guitar)
James K. (Guitar)
Jack Jeffries (Drums)
Jaycen McKissick (Bass)

Pipedown Bio:

Pipedown was a hardcore punk band from Northern California with radical leftist lyrics. Starting in Grass Valley, California in 1997, their lyrics often remind of eco-anarchism, especially since they recommended books like the Unabomber Manifesto: Industrial Society and its Future (Theodore Kaczynski) and Deep Ecology for the 21st Century (George Sessions) on their first album Enemies of Progress. On the same album, which was released in 2001 on Anti-Flag's A-F Records, lyrics like Tear down the factory, Tear down the limits of your life. further show the band's political direction. In 2003, Pipedown released Mental Weaponry, again on A-F Records. Over the course of this group's lifetime, Pipedown took part in over five full U.S. tours and two European tours spanning 8 countries; sharing stages with the bands: Anti-Flag, thrice, The Bouncing Souls, Darkest Hour, The Lawrence Arms, Tsunami Bomb, etc. On July 13, 2005 A-F Records announced Pipedown's breakup. Currently some of the members can be found playing in various bands: Ean - Number Station, Jayoh - Kill The Precedent, Jaycen - Survival Guide and Doug - Brain Rash.

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