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Priscilla Ford

Priscilla Ford
Hometown: Reno, Nevada Current Label: Basement Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Todd Imus - Yelling
Zac Damon - Guitaring
Tim Blake - Bassing
Pierre Marche - Drumming

Priscilla Ford Bio:

Priscilla Ford take their name from their favorite local schizophrenic mass murderer, responsible for killing six and injuring twenty-three (wielding her blue 1974 Lincoln Continental as the weapon) in downtown Reno, Nevada on Thanksgiving Day, 1980. The band is made up of four punk rock veterans with countless years of collective playing, recording, and touring experience under their belts, coming from both coasts of the United States, from LA to DC, only to end up forming in Reno, Nevada.

Musically, Priscilla Ford fall somewhere between early Black Sabbath and early Black Flag, or as one reviewer stated, "blue-collar, hard drinkin' and grinding rock n' roll." Their live shows "break minds," as another reviewer put it, and are full of frenetic energy, flying beer, and Iggy-esque antics.

Recently stripping down their sound to reflect a more focused approach, original bass player Billy Romeo (replacing Tim Blake) has rejoined Zac Damon on guitar, Todd Imus on vocals, and newest member Tayler Wooten, who has moved from second guitar to drums (replacing Pierre Marche).

While all of the members have played in decidedly more melodic bands, both locally and nationally (Screeching Weasel, Big In Japan (NV), The Firebombing, Zoinks!,
Tranzkuntinental, Promises Promises, etc. et al.), this group of friends decided early in 2013 that it was time to ditch the “pop” in favor of a more straight-forward, rough-around-the-edges, honest punk rock ‘n’ roll sound – there are hooks, sure, but there is also energy, anger, and the lyrical truth that comes with coming of age fucked up, somehow broken but still insistent on delivering pure music with no pretension.

Their debut album, "The Blackout Club," reflects all of this and proves that Priscilla Ford is intent on making rock n' roll exciting and confrontational again, as it should be.


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