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Proton Packs

Proton Packs
Hometown: Tuscany, Italy Current Label: One Chord Wonder Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Matt, Brodie, Alex and El Lèon Blanco

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Hailing from the wild Tuscany (Italy), the Proton Packs are a 4-unit combo ready to blow your mind!

Their debut full-length “The Weird Science of Ecto-Punk” is a lethal mix of straight-forward and ass-kicking punk rock with sci-fi and nerdy themes and lyrics. They call it Ecto-Punk. It will make your ghetto blaster explode. With songs ranging from the truck driver’s anthem “Apocalypse Camion” to the pogo-inducing “Jesus Christ VS the Vampires”, the album is a full-scale frontal assault. Beware of the Proton Packs. Rock ‘n’ Roll was here to stay. Ecto-Punk is here today.


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