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Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil Current Label: Seven Eight Life Recordings Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Pablo Menna - Guitar
Edu Andrade - Vocals
Helio Suzuki - Bass
Duz Akira - Drums

Questions Bio:

Admired by the Cavalera brothers (Iggor wore their shirt in many Sepultura concerts and recorded one song in their second album, Max carry their sticker on his ”Brazilian flag” guitar), among lots of others accomplishments, Questions is today one of the best Hardcore bands that ever came out of South America.

They started in February 2000, moved by the felling of mixing the energy and intensity of hardcore music and the strength and aggressiveness of metal music. The name stands a critic vision towards life: questioning, don’t accept anything passively. Their lyrics express a positive, constructive way to endure the difficulties of living in a third world country.

Since their first demo-tape named “We Shall Overcome”, released in June 2000, the band established themselves as one of the most powerful bands ever formed in Brazil. Their show is energetic and passionate, keeping alive the spirit of old school Hardcore bands.

In this 9 years journey, the band kept pushing the boundaries of underground music in Brazil, recording 3 CDs, doing countless videos, including a documentary about the São Paulo Hardcore Scene and playing shows all over the country. In 2007 they went to Europe to play an extensive tour: 37 shows in 17 countries


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