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Hometown: Orlando, Florida Current Label: A Jam Records Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Josiah Nethery - Vocals
Dave Santos - Guitar
Maykell Lorenzo - Guitar
Sean Sweeny - Bass
Billy Morrissey - Drums

Radio89 Bio:

Radio89 is a musical powerhouse that fuses yesterday and today's punk sound. "It all starts with an idea," says founding member Dave Santos (Guitar), who after many years of playing and touring with various punk and hardcore bands, most notably Guajiro and Nobody's Hero (with members of Against All Authority and The Vandals) as well as Car Bomb Theory (with members of Brethren) and numerous other members of the South Florida punk and hardcore scene, brought his songwriting skills and sound to Central Florida. Once there, Dave founded Radio89 with his longtime friend and former bandmate, Maykell Lorenzo (Guitar), whose rhythmic attacks and buzz saw leads make him an essential part of Radio89's music, and Sean Sweeny (bass), a sonic powerhouse on the bass, whose style locks in Radio89’s low end perfectly. Sean has played in bands for years, most notably GRUMPY, and is now a critical component of Radio89’s sound. After some searching, Radio89 was finalized with the addition of Josiah Nethery (vocals) and Rickey Dute (drums). Rickey pummels his drums while holding down a catchy beat while Josiah’s vocals hold together the intensity of Radio89’s music with his hooks and heartfelt melodies. From their catchy lyrics to their music, Radio89 delivers a powerful blend of style, aggressiveness, and melody to their listeners. Be a part of the music and message they bring, and let punk take you back again!

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