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Radio Dead Ones

Radio Dead Ones
Hometown: Berlin, Germany Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Beverly Crime - Vocals
Rik Oldman - Guitar/ Backing Vocals
TV Mörk - Drums
Ändru - Bass

Radio Dead Ones Bio:

Born back in the early eighties behind the iron curtain, no-one could possibly imagine that the young troublemakers brothers Bevery and Rik and their two friends Ändru und TV Mörk would get together to form a punk rock band. And without the need of peer support, the four relocated to dirty Berlin as soon as they turned 18 to further their punk rock mission. A glittering start to the carreer it wasn’t. Startstruck by the city lights, beers, booze and drugs blurred the band vision, and during those formative years of 2002-2005 the band only managed to get 20 gigs under their belts. It wasn’t just gig promoters that weren’t interested, the band failed to capture the imagination of any record label too.
The only and obvious solution – just as the punk pioneers of the previous generation – the band had to tighten their belts, moderate their lifestyle, and hit the road of do it yourself. Finally with time and energy spent locked away in the band’s practise room the first 7“ finally saw light of day in 2005. Slowly but surely through an ever-busier gig diary and a stream of 7“ releases - in the mean time they've become a "Gang of Five" - they implanted themselves in the hearts and minds of many a big city punk rocker.
A further three years wait was needed for their debut album to hit the shelves. Capturing the raw tough sounds of the city perfectly, the album was a thank you to loyal fans of old and a great introduction to new. Before starting production on the second album, the band released the „Berlin City EP“ at the start of 2010. This release showed a the lads broadening their musical horizons – a Swingin Utters cover, a rock’n’roll instrumentals and a Berlin anthem, sung in German and featuring guest vocals by Köfte from Mad Sin. 10 songs in total and the response to this EP was so good that it was completely sold out within a couple of months.
The band – back to their original four-piece line up – recently played their 300th live gig. A number to be proud of and a perfect indicator of what makes the Radio Dead Ones function the way they do – the pleasure of playing live and the determination to give themselves and their audience a time to remember. The commitment is there with the lads not too proud to finance the band with odd jobs and hard graft to keep the dream alive.
So whats next? The way things are looking the new album will be upon us quicker than the murky waters of the river Spree that make their way slowly but surely through the heart of Berlin. The new album “AAA” will be released on the 15th of April 2011.


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