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Rain Over Battle

Rain Over Battle
Hometown: VB, Virginia Current Label: Death To False Hope Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Bennett Wales: guitar and lead vocals
Bryan Meader: percussion
Nic Mirenda: bass and backround vocals
Dylan Wicher: Guitar

Rain Over Battle Bio:

We're Rain over battle, and we love music. it is our utmost intetntion to be heard for what we are, and give life to the music that has been composed by three freinds in a sweaty garage, a sound that refuses to be left unheard. The message is to important to remain silent. we wish to impact and move people as much as the bands we love have moved and impacted us, and encourage others to do the same. To many bands today, when stripped down to the essentials, well..are empty and serve no purpose but to take up space and put themselves on a pedestal for all to see as some sort of god. Strip our sound down to the core, and youll find an arsenal of heart and passion driven anthems, written for everyone to pump there fists to. Till our dying breath, we will sing. -bennett

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