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Raizing Hell

Raizing Hell
Hometown: Bucharest Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Liv Decay - vocals,guitar
Mr. Zombie - guitar, backing vocals
Demented Vlash - bass guitar,backing vocals
Oly "Sinnister" Sinn - drums

Raizing Hell Bio:

Raizing Hell is a horror-punk/rock'n'roll band that emerged from the crypt in the autumn of 2010, founded by Liv Decay (ex-Howling Saints), together with drummer Oly "Sinnister" Sinn and guitarist Mr. Zombie. We were soon joined by Demented Vlash on bass guitar,and since then everything fell into place.We think of ourselves as the first horror-punk band in Romania,(as far as we know) but hopefully there'll be more to come.

Our main influences derive from bands such as Motorhead, The Plasmatics, Wendy O. Williams,Misfits,Nekromantix,Blitzkid, Demented Are Go,Horrorpops, Meteors and many others,from horror movies and novels, and basically from everything grim,spooky and horror.

We started touring in the fall of 2011, sharing the stage with bands such as Blitzkid, The Silver Shine,Tazmanian Devils,Fancy Dolls,The Argies,Daily,Noise Club,The Dead Ceausescus,A Wilhelm Scream,Scheisse Minelli,Koffin Kats, Orlok and the Rockin Ghouls,The Irradiates, and many others,with a lot more shows scheduled.

Our first EP, Psychoholics Unanimous, was released in December 2011,when we also started a national tour in order to promote it.

On January the 4th 2013, the 'Chainsaw Ballads' split EP with UK bands Thirteen Shots and Trioxin Cherry was released, through Psycho A Go-Go records.

Our first full length 13-track album, 'Of Ghouls And Men', recorded at Attic Studios, was officially released on the 18th of October 2013 in Underworld Club Bucharest, together with special guests Voodoo Healers (GR) and Anomalii (RO), and is available on our website, , or on Contra Lights Records Germany online shop.
In March 2014 , we've started the first part of the album promo tour, going on the road with our friends Daily Noise Club (Sofia, Bulgaria).

Starting the 15th of June, 2014, we have officially signed with Undead Artists Records (UK), and Of Ghouls And Men will be officially released online starting the 30th of June,2014.

We've released our first video for the Song "One Way Road" on October 11th, on, produced by President Studio from Bulgaria.

Currently we're recording on our second album, from which we've released the single "I Like It Wrong", in May 2014.

We have a tour scheduled in spring, to promote the new album.

One thing about us,we're always ready to wreck on all the stages we can find, anytime,anywhere,anyplace,so if we haven't been yet in your part of the world, that's bound to happen sooner or later!


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