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Random Orbits

Random Orbits
Hometown: Seattle, Washington Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: BLAKE

Random Orbits Bio:

"That young, free-spirited attitude of smalltown bruisers is alive and well with fresh upstarts Random Orbits. Hailing from the almighty Pacific Northwest, they carry the same brash aggression as Shook Ones, the coming-of-age wisdom of Broadway Calls and the meaty riffs of A Wilhelm Scream. Only difference? They create a bi-partisan sound that all punk rock breeds (from the hardcore to the pop) can listen to and bond-n-mosh with"

"Random Orbits play fast, catchy songs, halfway between '90s East Bay melodic punk and Fat Wreck Chords pop punk, with a little hardcore speed thrown in, they remind me a little of Good Riddance. Totally the type of songs you find yourself humming under your breath a day or two after listening to them"
10 Things Zine

"Their sound is rough and raw, but shot through a sieve of pop melody and structure until it turns into an ass-kicking balance of hard and sweet. Born from unlikely podunk Ellensburg just a few years ago, Random Orbits have tightened their blend of tough and tender. Theirs resonates with the sounds of punk rock forefathers Hot water Music, Fugazi and Refused. The band draws you in with irresistible flavors of pop punk "whoa ohs" and vocal harmonies. And then they break your teeth (or at least pull your fillings) with their sandpaper-throated, hardcore driven rhythms" -INLANDER

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