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Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden Current Label: Fat Wreck Chords Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Stefan Granberg: Guitar and Vocals
Fredrik Granberg: Drums
Johan Gustafsson: Bass and Vocals
Johan Brandstrom: Guitar and Vocals

Randy Bio:

Randy, A band! I cant imagine anything that would be better for you right now than listening to Randy the Band. A proper band. No whimps. A band who will not shy away from turning up in your home town and turning up. Sweating and singing their lungs and hearts and your brains out. A band that will play for hours and still manage to have a long night and get up early to go to the next town. A band who has recorded a new album that has them singing harmonies again. Just the way you liked it on their first couple of records but with the full on rocking you liked on their last couple of records intact. Randy the band. You will sing along and love it. Thats just the way it is.

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