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Rebel Spies

Rebel Spies
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan Current Label: East Grand Record Company Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Sanguis - Wedge - Ryan V - Uberti - Tony Vegas

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Tell the guys in Rebel Spies! their music reminds you of 7 Seconds, Dag Nasty or the Misfits and they'll unabashedly thank you. No one here is trying to "reinvent the wheel!" These guys play hardcore punk, with a sincerity that you can feel in every song. A band member pedigree that includes the Suicide Machines, Hellmouth, Fordirelifesake, Hifi Hand Grenades and Telegraph; these guys have already tasted musical success. Now they just want say thank you to the music for all they have gotten from it. Rebel Spies! is their love letter to hardcore and punk... a loud love letter at that! "It's like this is the band we have all wanted to be in since we were teenagers," says vocalist Jeff Sanguis. "This is like getting to be in your favorite band. It's been more fun writing these songs than I could have hoped for!" Rebel Spies! is the brainchild of bassist Jeff Uberti, who then recruited Sanguis, as well as Matt Wedge and Tony Del Bel on guitars, and Ryan Vandeberghe on drums. "I had these songs running around in my head," remarks Uberti, "it just felt like the perfect time to do this. All of us seem to be in the same mindset, it's been awesome!" So what is the Rebel Spies! mission? Create music for new fans of hardcore punk as well as those that remember the glory days of old. And keep it fun. Simple as that.


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