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Hometown: Washington, DC Current Label: Lovitt Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: David NeSmith
Drew Ringo
Jason Hamacher
Lukas Previn

Regents Bio:

Regents contains members who hail from some of the most influential hardcore bands of the 90’s/00′s including Maximillian Colby, Sleepytime Trio, Frodus, Men’s Recovery Project, Battery, Thursday and Combat Wounded Veteran.

Regents line up solidified around David NeSmith, Drew Ringo, Jason Hamacher and Dan Evans in the late part of the first decade of the 21st century. Drawing inspiration from ye
ars playing in basements, squats, and living rooms, Regents crafted four songs of pure ferocity laden with heavy hitting drums, distorted ringing guitars and blood curdling screams. Recorded by Joseph Mitra at Wired Wrists, the four songs they recorded were released as a 7 inch record on Lovitt Records. After several shows and a few weekend tours, Dan Evans left the band.

Regents regrouped with Lukas Previn (Thursday bassist) as the permanent replacement for Evans. Old friend and Sleepytime bassist Ben Davis periodically sat in for Previn when he was away on Thursday’s farewell tour. Davis joined the band in 2011 for North and South East US mini-tours.

Regents is has finished up a full length release for Lovitt with J Robbins, acting as both Engineer and Bassist for the album. The album will be called “Antietam After Party” and commemorate the 150 anniversary of the battle of Antietam and the turning point in the American Civil War.

Plans for 2012 include tours of the East and West Coasts, South East Asia and more!

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