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Rejected Kids

Rejected Kids
Hometown: Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Ostra, Putra, Xoxo, Miaw

Rejected Kids Bio:

In 2004 three friends and Junior High schoolmates formed their band. They began by playing some songs from blink-182, Slick Shoes, and No Use for a Name, which were their favorite bands. They named their band Rejected Kids, which was based on their true life of being rejected by their community and their friends as a result of their music preference.

The band itself has its own loyal fans and has played for some rock festivals and school music festivals, including the school farewell in Jakarta and Tangerang.

Rejected Kids released their first album in the year of 2005, which was available in some local independent music shop and independent clothing shops. The album was produced by Constantine Record (and independent label).

As the band grew, Rejected Kids felt that they needed an extra guitar player. After some jam sessions, Putra joined the band as their new guitarist.

With 4 members in the band, Rejected Kids now is trying to expand their fanbase with their awesome live performances. Their first EP "Unspoken Feeling" was released mid-December in 2007.

Being honest with their music preference , being sincere through their lyrics and with their great rock habits, Rejected Kids will continue their battle to exist in their own way.


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    good team work.

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