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Revolution Mother

Revolution Mother
Hometown: Long Beach, California Current Label: Ferret Music Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Mike Valley
Jason Hampton
Brendan Murphy
Colin Bius

Revolution Mother Bio:

“My first show ever was seeing Black Flag in 1984. That night was really the beginning of the rest of my life. I decided whatever I did from that point on I was going to do it with that kind of intensity.” Mike Vallely (AKA Mike V) vocalist of Revolution Mother definitely resembles the word intense. A towering, bearded lightning bolt who delivers raw punk venom in his vocals. All of the members of Revolution Mother have an image that reflects their music, an amalgam of greasy biker rock and charging skate punk. Vallely clarifies “At the end of the day we are just a rock n roll band. We have hardcore, punk and metal influences but really we're just playing overdriven blues.” Capturing the fury of their live performances the band’s second album Rollin’ With Tha Mutha (Ferret Music) delivers on the promise that the debut album held. “I think we really found our groove as a band with the last three or four songs we recorded on the last record and we definitely found our groove live playing two sets a day on the Warped Tour (2007).”

Vallely is used to performing, being an iconic pro skater for the past 23 years and counting. The band is rounded out by Jason Hampton (guitar), Brendan Murphy (drums) and Colin Buis (bass) some of Orange County, Californias most notorious punk and hardcore veterans including past members of Mean Season and Outspoken. Revolution Mother formed in 2005 as the outgrowth of the hardcore project band Mike V And The Rats that Vallely and Hampton were doing for fun. “I hadn’t been in a band since I was 14 which I was kicked out of for skateboarding too much. I always intended to go back to music but it wasn’t until some twenty years later that my skate career was deep rooted enough to a point where I had some free room to pursue something else just as passionately. People were really reacting well to Mike V And The Rats so we thought let’s do this for real -- full on and see where it takes us and that's when we started Revolution Mother.” The band quickly built up a rapport with the audience completing U.S. Tours with Tiger Army, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Every Time I Die and Danzig as well as a European Tour with Funeral For A Friend.

“When we play live shows people want to hate us at first for sure -- our look, our vibe, our style doesn't fall into a quickly definable category so it's hard for the more narrow minded to get their heads around it. However people back off and when they realize that we are deadly serious and always willing to back it up. We play pissed off rock and roll, but it's got a groove and really we just want to have a good time and rock an audience full out. But if you want to fight, we can do that too, I just don't recommend it.” That energy seeps through the music “from our new album I think the song Born To Rock N Roll sums it up. It presents a lifestyle and an attitude of doing it your own way and doing it to the limit. We write the kind of music we want to hear, that gets us fired up. It’s the kind of music you'd play before going to the ring for a fight -- but it's bigger -- it's the soundtrack for the fight that is this life...”


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