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Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Current Label: Drug Front Records Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Lemon Cookie, Mouth & Irritation
Colonel Cream, Timekeeper & Mouth
Cracker Dap, Lowend & Mask
Queso Negro, Highend & Ink
Clit Commander The Overlord, Higher End
Cumming Soon, Airhorn
Baby Sean, Manager of Doom
Banana Meringue, Pies & Spoon
Cap'n Taint, Sub-Gunner
Kip Ringer, Sexxy extra

Runny Bio:

Runny: Entering the 20th year of total failure, idiocy, and destruction by the greatest rock and roll group in the history of music.

2011 saw us release We've Come For Your Women (And Some of Your Men) & The Legendary Runny E.P. - out at!!

2013 saw the violent release of California Uber Phallus! Download it at

Love y'all motherfuckers.

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