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Safety First Gonzales

Safety First Gonzales
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The release of “Born To Fight” marks the next step in the history of Safety First Gonzales.

Their third full-length LP is the latest document of continuing musical development, packed to the rafters with 12 brand new songs that once again show Safety First Gonzales on top of their game. The experiences of years of touring, improving musicianship, and new personal and musical influences have brought about a constant evolution from the raw, hard-hitting Streetpunk of the early days to the far more melodic and sophisticated style that defines the sound of Safety First Gonzales in 2012.

Along the way, Safety First Gonzales have managed to maintain the honest energy that has been the heart and soul of every Safety First Gonzales show since the very beginning. Top this off with great songwriting, a clever hand for the right melodies and hooklines and a tight live performance by a band that actually has a meaningful message to convey and the result is what crowds all over Europe (supporting bands like Peter Pan Speedrock, Devils Brigade, Born To Lose, The Real McKenzies, Rat City Riot, Angel City Outcasts, Flatfloot 56, Heartbreak Stereo over the years) have come to appreciate. The sound of Safety First Gonzales has grown into something distinctly of their own, owing as much to musical influences from both sides of the Atlantic as to the unique atmosphere in their industrial Ruhrgebiets area and the truly international cast of band members. “Born To Fight” is all about capturing this, the essence of what Safety First Gonzales are all about.

“Born To Fight” is sure to break new ground for Safety First Gonzales. Just like the records before, it will win over a new audience while being enjoyed by old fans as well. Don’t miss out when the boys come to your town for one of their kick-ass live shows. They will convince you that they are dealing with their best material yet. If you haven’t caught up with Safety First Gonzales yet – now’s the time.

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